How to Convert and Save Outlook PST Files to PDF?


You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the greatest PST to PDF conversion. Inform us when the PST files and all of their attachments have been converted to PDF format. This is a result of the fact that the most popular and practical file format for data transfer is PDF. Because PDF files are simple to share, the majority of users save their files in this format these days.


As everyone is aware, the most portable file format available for sharing or storing information is PDF. Save all of your emails as PDF files so you may easily access them when you need to. Managing PST files becomes challenging if you save all of your emails and data in PST files.

Why We Transfer PST Files to PDF Format?

Users convert PST files to PDF files for a variety of reasons. Let’s examine some of these causes –

Compatibility: Users must rely on the email software Microsoft Outlook. Access to PST files requires the installation of Outlook on the user’s computer. In addition, PDFs are simply opened on all platforms and are platform-independent.
Portable format: Because PDF files are so highly portable, users can use them on a variety of devices, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, and so forth.

Data protection – The utility keeps the files’ integrity intact. The files’ correctness is maintained in their current state. The PDF files maintain accuracy.

Save format – Microsoft Office and MS Outlook do not allow users to save PDF files. The user cannot convert PST files directly due to the formats.

The PST files were converted to PDF format for the following reasons. Allow us to now examine the techniques for converting PST files to PDF files.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

Let us examine the limitations that the manual approach for converting PST files to PDF format faces.

  • A user must overcome obstacles.
  • The tool does not give accuracy, and the files are not kept up to date.
  • Users are faced with data loss.
  • New users are subject to numerous limitations.
  • PST file conversion to PDF conversion takes a while.
  • These are a few of the limitations that a user encounters when using the manual technique.

The Software for Converting PST to PDF –

One of the more sophisticated methods for converting PST files to PDF format is the WholeClear Outlook PST to PDF Converter program. Every user has the ability to convert PST files to PDF format without encountering any limitations. The user does not experience any data loss or difficulty after converting PST files to PDF format. Every user can convert PST files to PDF files with ease thanks to a variety of sophisticated features and functions.

To convert PST files to PDF format, users must adhere to the instructions described below. Let’s examine these actions –

  • First, launch the application on your computer.
  • Add the PST files that need to be converted to PDF format now.

Convert Outlook PST to PDF - 1

  • View a sample of these hand-picked PST files.
  • Select PDF from the export options

Convert Outlook PST to PDF - 3

  • Next, decide where to store the PDF files that have been transformed.
  • When the process is complete, click “convert” to begin converting PST files to PDF.

 Last Remarks: –

Information for converting PST files to PDF format can be found on the blog. We offer several techniques that users can use for quickly converting their PST files. The users are free to use the way of their choice.