Is It Worth It to Pursue an MBA From Dubai?

Benefits of doing MBA in Dubai

To a large extent, getting an MBA degree has been seen as an important step on the path to career promotion. However, rapidly increasing costs and shifting labour markets could be a concern: is getting an MBA in Dubai worth the money? Let us explore the aspects that will influence your decision.

Why Pursue an MBA?

An MBA is a vehicle for you to acquire in-depth knowledge and also work on your leadership skills. It can be a springboard to highly rewarding management jobs and job opportunities that require specialised training.

Moreover, graduate programmes do not only deal with academics but also encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication—skills that are needed in any profession.

You will experience another advantage in the form of networking. It will allow you to make friends not only with students and professors but also with industry leaders who can turn into mentors and help you throughout your career.

Dubai: A New Hub for Education

This city is a famous business centre all over the world. Therefore, it has turned into a place tempting for applicants for an MBA degree. You can find a global business school in Dubai that can be your ideal choice. Here’s what makes it so appealing:

  • World-Class Campuses: Dubai hosts world-class universities, like London Business School and Manchester Business School. These universities have globally known MBA programmes that have a lot of specialisations like marketing, engineering management, and PR.
  • Exposure to a Diverse Community: The multicultural environment of Dubai provides opportunities for getting to know people from all over the world. The constant involvement with different cultures helps you to think outside the box and build up a strong support system.
  • Financial Considerations: While some traditional MBA giants in the US and Australia tend to have expensive tuition fees, Dubai is a competitive option money-wise.

Before You Pack Your Bags

While Dubai presents exciting opportunities, there are factors to weigh:

  • Work Experience: Many MBA programmes want candidates with working experience.
  • Job Market: Though Dubai is known for its thriving economy, be realistic about the job prospects as you take up the career of your choice.
  • Living Expenses: Dubai is a city where you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle; however, it can be a bit pricey. While choosing a university, make sure to factor in accommodation, transportation, and other charges to get a precise picture of the educational expenses.


Receiving a master’s degree in Dubai is worthwhile for those looking for an advanced degree on a global scale, given the rapidly growing economy. Nevertheless, you must do research and think things through well. Consider your goals for your career, finances, and lifestyle; then decide if getting your place is right for you. When you come to Dubai for an MBA, most probably your thoughts are related only to one goal: to raise your career to a completely new level. However, it does not mean that the MBA is the universal tool for your career development. Taking a step back and reflecting on your aspirations and situation will help you figure out whether this is the right way for you to get the desired job.