Exploring sustainability: Vegan Shoes 101

Are shoes just fashion statements? Or, are they just another wardrobe staple? In the world of fast fashion, many sneaker lovers among you must own at least two to three pairs of them. With changing fashion needs, the demand to stay sustainable is challenging.

On a side note, have you ever wondered about the materials used in these shoes? or what they do to our environment? Most shoes are made of materials that once thrown away release various chemicals into our soil and atmosphere. This causes pollution and various other health hazards. Shockingly, many shoes contain animal skins in them. What good does this do? Nothing. This is where vegan sneakers shine. Vegan sneakers women are now the talk of the town. 

What are vegan sneakers

Vegan sneakers are those sneakers that are made without any animal skin or other materials derived from animals. This includes wool, silk, leather, etc, such shoes are made of what is called bio-based materials like corn, bamboo, or recycled plastics. Vegan sneakers are made to provide customers with cruelty-free and ethical options. Every time you make a purchase, you pledge to make a change. But why should you switch to vegan sneakers? The materials used to make vegan shoes are more comfortable and far more breathable than your regular shoes. just like the “big names”, vegan shoes also come in all sorts of fashions, trends, and sizes. And it will suit just right with your aesthetic.

Who and how does it benefit

It benefits you. It benefits our nature. It saves our resources and our environment, making way for a better future. Sustainable fashion matters. It reduces our carbon footprint. The fast global fashion industry has a huge role in contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. The materials that are used in shoe manufacturing are mostly petroleum-based. This takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to manufacture. This is the exact opposite in the case of natural fibers. 

Vegan and sustainable fashion saves the lives of animals. You cannot imagine the number of animals slaughtered. The fashion industry simply kills for the love of fashion. Apart from this, another major source used in the fashion industry is water. Sustainable fashion requires less water. Moreover, this contributes to a safe, secure, and healthy work environment. With a sustainable working environment comes a fair working environment. It saves lives as you get to work in an environment that is chemical-free and risk-free. 


We always have a chance. A chance to correct our mistakes. The same can be done in this case. You must wonder, “What change can I bring?”. “nothing’s going to happen with just me working for this”. This mentality needs to be changed. You and only you can bring in a change. Every change begins with a person. it becomes two, or four, a group, a community, a nation, a few nations, and then slowly the whole world. remember, no change happens within a day. Change is slow. Change takes time. With the right awareness, you can create wonders. 

Switch to ethical women’s shoes today. Be the change!