What is supply chain traceability and why is it important?

One aspect of supply chain management that has emerged as an increasing number of important in recent years is traceability. Here we check what supply chain traceability is and the benefits it may bring in your business.

What is supply chain traceability?

Traceability in the supply chain refers back to the ability to discover and track the complete lifecycle of a product as it actions along the supply chain, from the origin of raw materials to the finished product achieving the cease consumer and cease-of-lifestyles activities which includes resale and recycling.

Traceability and transparency are carefully associated, and the concept of traceability is utilized in each discrete and process production. Many industries and certain products, including prescription drugs or packaged ingredients, require traceability to a certain degree by using countrywide or global regulations.

Why is traceability important within the supply chain?

Traceability is an important thing of ensuring satisfactory manipulate and sustainability of your commercial enterprise. Knowing the entire records of a product and its character additives or materials can extensively lessen the danger of product defects, recalls, and returns that can damage each enterprise’s finances and public picture.

Additionally, traceability is important to know if a product is truly sustainable. Product sustainability ought to be assessed at all degrees, inclusive of raw materials, production, and stop-of-life (whether or not the product or its elements may be reused or recycled). Only by using reading the complete method can agencies take significant steps to reduce their environmental effect.

What are the benefits of traceability?

Implementing supply chain traceability enables enhance:

Efficiency :

Tracking and tracking a product’s journey lets in groups to work closer to greater correct lead times that gain production schedules and patron delight, decreasing the likelihood of disasters and returns.

Quality Control :

Using digitized labels including barcodes and RFID tags during the product lifecycle can help become aware of counterfeit or defective merchandise and additionally reduce the hazard of mislabeling.

Simplify auditing :

Full traceability makes it clean to make certain all products comply with rules. Auditors can easily verify a product’s legitimacy and sustainability credentials with the aid of seeing in which it turned into sourced, synthetic, and transported – all facts readily to be had.

Easy to troubleshoot :

If you experience a problem along with your product, traceability software allows you to narrow down the problem to a particular element or element, making it faster and less difficult to restore.

Boost your brand image :

More clients than ever are interested by the provenance in their merchandise, and groups which could reveal that data may be visible as greater truthful.

How to improve traceability?

Creating and enforcing a traceability plan takes time and what that plan seems like is precise to every business, but all plans encompass virtual labeling of products and give up-to-quit supply chain visibility. This consists of ensuring that

The first step to improving supply chain traceability is understanding the compliance regulations you want to meet. While exceeding those regulations is beneficial, meeting them is a minimal requirement.

Visualization tools permit you to map your quit-to-quit supply chain and higher understand freight flows, supplier advantages or limitations, system inefficiencies, potential gaps, risks, and opportunities.

Finally, disclosure degrees have to be hooked up in the course of the supply chain and public statistics should be authenticated. This statistics need to be accompanied by using actionable insights and circulated to all stakeholders.

Are you interested in a supply chain traceability system?

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