Finding the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata — Siliguri IVF Centre

Surrogacy has become a beacon of hope for many couples and individuals struggling with infertility. In Kolkata, the demand for surrogacy services has seen a significant rise due to the availability of top-notch medical facilities and experienced professionals. This article will guide you through the journey of finding the best surrogacy centre in Kolkata, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Understanding Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a process where a woman (the surrogate) carries and delivers a baby for another person or couple (the intended parents). There are two main types of surrogacy:

  1. Traditional Surrogacy: The surrogate mother uses her own egg, making her the biological mother of the child.
  2. Gestational Surrogacy: An embryo created using the intended parents’ or donors’ eggs and sperm is implanted in the surrogate, who has no genetic link to the child.

Why Choose Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a viable option for individuals and couples facing various challenges, such as:

  • Medical Conditions: Women with uterine issues or health conditions that make pregnancy risky.
  • Infertility: Couples struggling with infertility after exhausting other treatments.
  • Same-Sex Couples: Gay couples who wish to have a biological child.
  • Single Parents: Individuals desiring to have their own children.

The Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy journey involves several critical steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: Meeting with a fertility specialist to discuss medical history and surrogacy options.
  2. Matching with a Surrogate: Finding a suitable surrogate through an agency or clinic.
  3. Legal Agreements: Drafting and signing surrogacy contracts to protect the rights of all parties.
  4. Medical Procedures: IVF procedures to create and transfer embryos.
  5. Pregnancy and Delivery: Monitoring the surrogate throughout pregnancy and planning for delivery.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surrogacy Centre

Selecting the right surrogacy centre is crucial for a successful and smooth journey. Here are essential factors to consider:

  1. Reputation and Success Rates: Look for centres with high success rates and positive reviews.
  2. Experienced Professionals: Ensure the centre has qualified doctors, embryologists, and legal advisors.
  3. Comprehensive Services: A good centre should offer end-to-end services, including medical, legal, and psychological support.
  4. Transparency and Ethics: The centre should maintain transparency in procedures and costs, adhering to ethical standards.
  5. Facilities and Infrastructure: Check for state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technologies.

Top Surrogacy Centres in Kolkata

Based on the above factors, we have identified some of the best surrogacy centres in Kolkata:

1. Siliguri IVF Centre, Kolkata

Siliguri IVF Centre is renowned for its high success rates and excellent patient care. With a team of experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, Nova provides comprehensive surrogacy services. They offer personalized treatment plans, ensuring that each patient receives the best care possible.

Key Features:

  • High success rates in IVF and surrogacy.
  • Advanced laboratory and medical facilities.
  • Ethical and transparent treatment processes.

Services Offered:

  • IVF and ICSI.
  • Egg and sperm donation.
  • Gestational surrogacy.
  • Legal and psychological support.

The Surrogacy Journey at the Best Centre

Choosing the right surrogacy centre sets the foundation for a successful journey. Here’s what you can expect during your surrogacy journey at the best centre in Kolkata:

  1. Initial Consultation and Assessment Your journey begins with an initial consultation, where the fertility specialist reviews your medical history, discusses your goals, and explains the surrogacy process. Diagnostic tests may be conducted to assess your fertility status and identify any potential issues.
  2. Surrogate Matching and Legal Agreements The centre will assist you in finding a suitable surrogate who meets your criteria. Once a match is found, legal agreements are drafted to outline the responsibilities and rights of all parties involved. It’s crucial to have legal advisors who specialize in surrogacy to ensure that the contract is comprehensive and enforceable.
  3. Medical Procedures and Embryo Transfer After the legal formalities, the medical procedures begin. This involves stimulating the intended mother’s ovaries (or the egg donor’s ovaries) to produce multiple eggs, which are then retrieved and fertilized with the intended father’s sperm (or donor sperm) to create embryos. The embryos are cultured for a few days, and the healthiest ones are selected for transfer to the surrogate’s uterus.
  4. Pregnancy and Monitoring Once the embryo transfer is successful, the surrogate undergoes regular monitoring to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The surrogacy centre provides continuous medical care, including prenatal check-ups, ultrasounds, and any necessary treatments. The intended parents are kept informed throughout the pregnancy and can often be present for important milestones.
  5. Delivery and Legal Formalities Post-Birth As the delivery date approaches, the surrogacy centre coordinates with the hospital to ensure a smooth and safe delivery. After the birth, the legal formalities to establish the intended parents’ rights are completed. This may involve obtaining a birth certificate and other necessary documentation.

Cost of Surrogacy in Kolkata

The cost of surrogacy in Kolkata can vary depending on various factors, including the medical procedures required, surrogate compensation, legal fees, and additional services. On average, the cost ranges from INR 12 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs. It’s essential to discuss the cost structure with your chosen surrogacy centre to understand what is included and if there are any potential additional expenses.

Emotional and Psychological Support

Surrogacy can be an emotionally challenging journey for both the intended parents and the surrogate. The best surrogacy centres in Kolkata offer comprehensive emotional and psychological support throughout the process. This includes counseling sessions to address any concerns, providing a support network, and ensuring that both parties feel comfortable and confident.

Legal Considerations in Surrogacy

The legal aspects of surrogacy are complex and vary by region. In India, the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill governs the practice. Some key points include:

  • Only altruistic surrogacy (where the surrogate is not compensated beyond medical expenses) is allowed.
  • The intended parents must be a legally married Indian couple.
  • Single individuals, foreign nationals, and same-sex couples are currently not eligible for surrogacy in India.

It is crucial to work with a surrogacy centre that provides legal assistance to navigate these regulations and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.


Choosing the best surrogacy centre in Kolkata is a significant step towards fulfilling your dream of parenthood. By considering factors such as reputation, success rates, comprehensive services, and ethical practices, you can make an informed decision. Centres like Nova IVF Fertility, GDIFR, IHR, and Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre stand out for their exceptional care and support throughout the surrogacy journey.

Remember, surrogacy is not just a medical process; it’s an emotional and legal journey that requires careful planning and support. With the right centre, you can navigate this path with confidence and hope, knowing that you are in good hands. Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate, the journey may be challenging, but the reward of bringing a new life into the world makes it all worthwhile.