Considerations for Selecting a Mass Spectrometry Service Company

Mass spectrometry is a reliable analytical tool offering insights into the molecular world. This robust technique can identify unknown analytes in samples, quantify known compounds, and determine molecular, chemical, and structural properties. Its precision and versatility have made mass spectrometers critical in numerous domains, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, forensic chemistry, and environmental monitoring.

Often, acquiring mass spectrometers can be challenging for laboratories, especially medium and small-sized companies. The primary reason for this difficulty is that mass spectrometry has a higher initial setup cost and requires specialized technicians and professionals to conduct experiments. Therefore, companies often outsource studies to mass spectrometry testing services. These laboratories have expertise in numerous bioanalytical techniques, such as digital PCR services and LC-MS/MS method validation and development. The current article highlights considerations for selecting a mass spectrometry service company.

Things to remember while selecting a mass spectrometry analysis service provider.

Identifying an ideal mass spectrometry service company depends on several factors. As each experiment is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mass spectrometry. The decision to choose mass spectrometry testing services relies on several crucial considerations. Let us explore considerations for making this critical choice.

Often, drug developers have an idea about the substances they want to detect and quantify using mass spectrometry. Today, mass spectrometers can detect and measure multiple sample types. Besides, some instruments can be better for a particular application, for example, drug developers often require invasive or noninvasive analysis. Hence, method specifications such as assay resolution, analysis speed, and isotopes will vary accordingly. Therefore, identifying the intended applications and selecting a mass spectrometry service company that aligns with those requirements is critical for successful experiments.

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Understand the data analysis requirements of your experiments from the start. Some spectrometers are ideal for basic research, while others offer data processing alternatives. The most crucial thing to avoid is approaching a mass spectrometry service company with basic instruments for acquiring high-end data analysis. Some spectrometers have proprietary software, while others use free-of-charge software available for the scientific community. Identify your data analysis needs and select a mass spectrometry service company that can meet those requirements.

Mass spectrometers are often combined with other separation instruments. If the aim is to analyze complex samples or identify unknown compounds, this combination can be an advantage. Some examples of these hyphenated techniques include gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Drug developers should always understand their future needs. Decide whether you require additional analytical separation tools and plan accordingly before choosing mass spectrometry testing services.

Budget is one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a mass spectrometry service company. Acquiring mass spectrometry is expensive and requires specialized lab technicians. Hence, while outsourcing, calculate the overall experimental costs and compare them with mass spectrometry acquisition. Outsourcing solutions should be more budget-friendly. Also, compare the prices of different mass spectrometry service companies. Choose a mass spectrometry analysis service provider that suits your budget while fulfilling all your experimental goals and requirements.