Does Limestone Crazy Pavers Need to Be Sealed?

Regarding outdoor paving options, Limestone is unquestionably the top choice in terms of aesthetics and longevity. Out of all the design trends of Limestone, crazy paving has been the forerunner.  

However, every customer usually ends up with just one question at the end: Do Limestone crazy pavers need sealing or not? 

Let’s understand it in detail.  

Is Sealing Limestone Crazy Paving Recommended? 

Although not required, having your Limestone Crazy Pavers sealed will ensure that it lasts for years and looks wonderful. It shields it from the elements, moss, algae, and other vegetation that attempt to grow through the cracks. You always want your outdoor space to look its finest when people are around, and crazy stone paving isn’t always inexpensive, so applying a sealer can extend your patio’s life while maintaining a wonderful appearance.