6 Best Things To Buy From Wen Tseng In Starfield

You should go to Wen Tseng if you want to find some of the best things that the United Colonies has to offer in Starfield.

You can find Wen Tseng at the UC Distribution of New Atlantis. He works as a dealer for the United Colonies. This is one of the best places for beginners to buy and sell things in Starfield because Wen Tseng can get and give away anything the player wants. Whether that means getting rid of useless goods or shopping in Starfield for some really cool stuff to make the cosmic journey that’s about to start better.

The UC Distribution building is in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. This is where players can find Wen Tseng. She sells a lot of different kinds of things from different types of points of sale, and some of them are pretty useful. The most important choices are made with Credits.