11 Best Final Fantasy Games Available On PlayStation 5

You can play most major Final Fantasy games on PlayStation 5, but we’re going to pick out the best ones.

From 1997 on, Final Fantasy and the Sony PlayStation have seemed like two separate brands. No matter where else a major Final Fantasy game comes out, it will always come out on Sony hardware. There are a few games that can’t be played on PlayStation 5, but not many. Other than the many spin-offs, the only ones that aren’t there are the Final Fantasy 13 games and the original Final Fantasy MMO.

PS5 is a great console for old Final Fantasy games, a great console for newer FF games that need a performance boost, and a necessary system for Final Fantasy 16 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. In general, it’s a good place for both old and new fans, and we’re listing the best ones.