Air Canada Name Change Fee: What to Consider Before Requesting Name Change

There are times when travelers might provide incorrect details while booking a flight ticket. When the passenger is unable to specify accurate information with the airline, such as the name, then there are changes the airline prohibits you from boarding the flight. For a smooth travel experience, you must provide precise information on the ticket. Therefore, Air Canada has designed a name-change policy that helps you to change or modify a name on your flight booking. However, you might have to pay the Air Canada name change fee depending on your ticket type, destination, and request timing to change a name. 

Guidelines to Follow for Air Canada Name Change 

Stick to the guidelines of Air Canada to use the name change/correction policy. You can correct a name by following these guidelines. The policy also protects your sensitive information. 

  • The ticket name and government-approved ID name must match per the Air Canada ticket name change policy.
  • You can correct typo mistakes or misspelled names on the ticket. For this, you might need to provide valid documents. 
  • You should produce legal documents to support the name change request in case of marriage, adoption, divorce, or other legal considerations. 
  • The airline considers the changes or edits of a name to be a ticket re-issuance of a similar class. However, it includes fee and fare differences of modifications. 
  • A complete name change or transferring the flight ticket isn’t possible.
  • Air Canada permits you to change your last name resulting from divorce, marriage, adoption, or other legal considerations.  
  • Name change includes a name modification or change for each traveler. You should request name correction or change two hours before departure. 

Documents Needed for Air Canada Name Change 

Travelers must provide some documents to Air Canada for name change or modification. So check out the list of essential documents you should provide to obtain approval for the name alteration. 

  • Name change request application form. 
  • Old flight ticket that shows incorrect or misspelled. 
  • A new name with valid documentation to prove the change. 
  • Legal documents in case of legal compulsions such as divorce, marriage, or others.  
  • And other documents like a passport or government-authorized photo ID to justify the change.

What is the Air Canada Name Change Fee?

Latitude, Business, Economy, and Premium tickets with the flexibility option do not charge a fee for changing or correcting a name. Also, the name can be changed up to three letters within 24 hours free of cost. Name modifications that exceed three characters or name changes because of legal considerations incur approximately $200 per ticket. The fare difference can vary based on your ticket type.  

Need Assistance? Contact Air Canada Customer Service

After reading the above airlines, you must have got a clear picture of the Air Canada ticket name change and guidelines. However, if you still have questions regarding fees and policy, dial the Air Canada customer support number or visit the website. Also, you can call +1-800-865-1848 for independent support and rapid assistance.